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10 sustainable, slow fashion and ethical clothing brands

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While fast fashion tries to keep up with fast-changing trends at a cheap cost (with all its consequences), slow fashion aims to deliver a product to the customer that’s as transparent and ethical as possible. Customers all over the world nowadays question more and more who made their clothes and in what kind of conditions. Those customers know that ethically-made fashion is affordable. 

The last years we’ve seen an increasing amount of sustainable, fair trade and ethical clothing brands popping up on the market. Together they’re changing the fashion production system and the way customers look at their wardrobe, as a part of their environmental footprint. 

We’ve made a list of the 10 sustainable, slow fashion and ethical clothing brands, to get you inspired. 


10 sustainable, slow fashion and ethical clothing brands

1. Teym - Slow fashion brand

    Yes, we put ourselves on the first place of 10 sustainable, slow fashion and ethical clothing brands. Teym sets a new bar for sustainable fashion by building One Impeccable Wardrobe. One item at a time, we’re creating the pieces we’ve spent years searching for. Developed in our Amsterdam atelier and made in Europe, Teym’s products guarantee outstanding design, expert quality, and honest production at a fair price. Successfully started off with The Parka in 2015, we are now working on our sixth item. Stay tuned!

    Discover The Parka, The Merino Sweater, The Sweatsuit, The T-Shirt or The Bag


    2. Everlane - Slow fashion brand

      Everlane is one of the largest Slow Fashion labels in the world. Their items are minimal, made of high-quality fabrics and suit all body types. At Everlane they work a few months on new designs and keep them in their collection. Besides their designs, the way Everlane handles transparency really makes them stand out. You can see where they produce each of their products, how they work together and how much the product actually costs.

      Discover Everlane.



      3. Mud Jeans - Sustainable clothing brand

        Dutch denim-brand that started of with their lease-a-jeans-principle. You could use a jeans for a certain period of time and return it for a new copy once you were done with it. Mud jeans would turn your old jeans into a, revised, new exemplar. Mud Jeans focuses on circularity, by re-using and integrating all waste materials. Even though the lease-a-jeans principle was discontinued, you can still return your old Mud jeans which will be converted into a vintage jeans that will again be brought on the market.

        Ontdek Mud Jeans


        4. Veja - Ethical clothing brand

          Finding a pair of sneakers that aren’t made with child’s hands can be quite difficult. Especially when you’re looking for a basic sneaker, that stands the test of time. That’s where Veja comes in. Their materials are 100% biological, most of their designs are not made of leather at all but with organic canvas and their sneakers are ethically produced in Brazil.

          Ontdek Veja


          5. Reformation - Sustainable clothing brand

            Like their name says, Reformation aims to reform the polluting fashion industry. Not by demonstrating in the streets, but through real action. In contrast to many fashion brands, Reformation communicates the footprint of their products in order to raise awareness under their customers. A real wow-factor is the ability to join a tour through their factory in Los Angelos each Friday. Beat that H&M.

            Discover Reformation.



            6. Patagonia - Ethical clothing brand

              Probably the brand in this list that has the most impact. Patagonia strives to stop overconsumption and activates its customers to overthink if they really need to buy Patagonia items. They were one of the earliest defenders of ethical fashion, first adopters of recycled materials and one of the first switchings to organic cotton. True pioneers - and still working towards their sustainable goals.

              Discover Patagonia.


              7. Elizabeth Suzann - Ethical clothing brand

                The items of Elizabeth Suzann offer a neutral palette, perfect for the minimalist or if you’re searching for classic pieces. The timeless pieces Elizabeth Suzann offers are produced in the USA, under ethical circumstances and always made of organic fibers. They work with three collections: Warm weather collection, cold-weather collection, and a signature collection. Can it get easier? All of them include foundational, seasonless, versatile, well-engineered and functional garments. Plenty enough for a slow fashion wardrobe.

                Discover Elizabeth Suzann


                8. Beaumont Organic - Sustainable clothing brand

                  Beaumont Organic is an international ethical ladieswear brand that combines signature styling with contemporary classics. They offer a full wardrobe of classic pieces - facilitating all sorts of activities. Beaumont Organic takes being sustainable seriously, they not only use organic materials, but they also look at the entire picture of consumption. Trying to reduce their travels, sampling, and consumption in general.

                  Discover Beaumont Organic.


                  9. Kotn - Sustainable clothing brand

                    Kotn, pronounced as cotton, is taking sustainable fashion a step further. They also produce ethically and sustainably, but they also help their suppliers to make the switch to organic cotton the next five years. If people talk about Kotn they mostly describe it as ‘that brand with those soft and cozy textiles’. At Kotn they use basics made of Egyptian cotton, worldwide known as the best and most soft cotton you can get.

                    Discover Kotn.


                    10. Hund hund - Ethical clothing brand

                      The last, but not the least of the 10 sustainable, slow fashion and ethical clothing brands. Hund hund (dog dog in German) is one the brands that have integrated radical transparency into the heart of its brand. They show the production costs of their products into detail and even tell you the costs of the photoshoot to promote the product. They only produce in small, local factories in Europe and, on top of top that, even communicates who designed your item.

                      Discover Hund Hund.


                      Do you think we extend this list of 10 sustainable, slow fashion and ethical clothing brands? Let us know in the comments!

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